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Munich – Soil injections “Am Krautgarten”

Soil consolidation by cuff tube injection method at a railway crossing

Vesting period:
Construction time period:
Protective tube:
Press length (Open-face shield):
Collar tube holes:
injection parameters:

10/2009 until 02/2010
10/2010 until 05/2011
DN 1800 StB
approximately 60 m
11 holes (d 114 mm), each 40,50 m
semicircle in two layers at a distance of 50 cm
Hose packer injections over in three stages per meter > 156 steps per hole

Subsoil exploration (exploratory drilling in the track area)
Railway survey equipment
Implementation planning for:
– Special underground construction
– underground and pipeline construction
– shafts
– Cuff tube injection
– Microtunnelling
Tender of performance directory
Superior construction supervision
Concession agreements / contracts intersection DB