Quality assurance and quality management have always been central components in the daily activities of VTG GmbH, thus creating the basis for continuous improvement. The foundation of the process-oriented quality management system, which fulfills all the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, is customer orientation. This ensures that all business processes with quality implications are consistently planned, controlled and monitored.

Optimal adaptability and flexibility are required to meet rapidly changing market requirements. Therefore, our quality management system is dynamic and subject to continuous improvement.

Our employees know that it is crucial that they observe their work environment constructively and critically, find opportunities for improvement and put new solutions into action.

We have laid down our procedures, nominating responsible persons and can prove that we learn from mistakes. And so we can always be better in terms of service quality and customer orientation.

We guarantee that our quality management meets international standards and have therefore put it to the test externally.