Pipeline Construction

VTG is a one-stop shop for constructing pipelines for all media, sizes and pressures. Focus is on district heating and cooling. This covers all systems from plastic casing pipes and steel casing pipes to steel pipe laying with cradles or arches for various pressures and temperatures. VTG’s engineers also handle drinking water, gas, sewer, line and cable construction, and broadband network architecture.

They are always looking for the best and most economical solutions – even for highly complicated tasks, challenging local conditions and building within existing infrastructures. With comprehensive service packages, spanning different media when necessary, we accompany our customers throughout all phases of the project and draw on our skills and experience to offer complete packages with optimised costs.

Pipe rehabilitation using linings

For water supply and sewers, efficient techniques such as lining or ‘close fit’ techniques are used to repair pipes lastingly and inexpensively.

Cement mortar lining

Where indicated, VTG’s engineers recommend cement mortar lining in accordance with DIN 2880. This method ensures reliable, long-lasting corrosion protection.


New fully equivalent, load-bearing PE inner pipes (SDR 17) can be pulled through old weakened pipe systems to replace them. Especially for large dimensions, this solution represents a cost-effective alternative to renewal using the open trench method.

Pipe bursting

The ‘pipe bursting’ method (bursting of old pipe with simultaneous pulling of a new pipe) is another capability of VTG.

With the above trenchless pipe rehabilitation techniques, underground pipes can be renewed with minimal surface digging and hence minimal damage to roads and pavements. Ecological aspects are also considered.

Here, too, VTG has proven expertise in diverse projects completed to the full satisfaction of its customers. This is clearly demonstrated by the corresponding economic efficiency calculations.


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