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Munich – English Garden

Rehabilitation of drinking water supply HW4 in the reduction process (Swagelining)

Vesting period:
Construction time period:
Inventory line:
New line:
Total length of rehabilitation:
Part in open trench:
Planned feeder length:
Maximum of tractive forces:

02/2012 until 06/2014
04/2013 until 06/2014
DN 800 St
d800 PE, SDR 17
approximately 1.700 m
approximately 100 m
8 pcs.
1120 KN

Implementation planning for underground and pipeline construction
Planning the excavation
Tender of performance directory
Traffic planning
Site management

Headed TV investigation
Crossing following waters:
– Isar
– Eisbach
– Oberstjägermeisterbach
– Schwabinger Bach
Compliance with conservation legal interests