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Munich – Crossing under the Würm in Institutstreet

District heating by two manufactured in full face protection pipes

Vesting period:
Construction time period:
Pipe diameter:
Press pipe:
Total length of press:

10/2009 until 12/2009
03/2010 until 10/20010
2 x DN 400 preinsulated pipes
2 x DN 800 Reinforced concrete pipes
2 x approximately 28,00 m

Jacking method:
Groundwater level:
Protective tube coverage:

Closed faced shield method by liquid supported face (bentonite)
approximately 4,0 m over pipe
10,50 m

Exploration drilling / soil investigation
Implementation planning for (special) underground and pipeline construction
Creating water rights application / Dimensioning groundwater conservation
Implementation planning for reinforced concrete construction
Superior construction supervision